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  • “Intermittent fasting” is a phrase oft heard these days, as if it’s new and novel. In fact, everyone does it every day.

  • Brenda Hildebrand’s concerns over her grown disabled son had her wondering about his future. Who will help him when she’s no longer able? How will he survive? What will he survive on?

  • Claude Edwards came to the job of eighth president of the then-Federal Superannuates National Association as a seasoned and energetic labour leader who heralded a series of positive changes over his nine-year tenure.

  • Sue Lefebvre is a registered social worker by profession, but about five years into retirement from her career with the federal public service, she developed an interest in the human spirit and the ways humans express their joy and grief through ritual.

Inaugural Issue


The inaugural issue of Sage60 came together slowly and then quickly. The idea for this digital ’zine came a while back, but the Association’s 60th anniversary offered the perfect inspiration to finally produce our inaugural issue. Given that we celebrated 60 years of advocacy throughout 2023, honouring the achievements of Claude Edwards, fondly remembered as the founding father of the Association and an indefatigable negotiator, was a no-brainer. In addition to looking back on our early years, readers will also find an exploration of later-in-life spirituality, a frank investigation of intermittent fasting with Jason Fung, Canadian nephrologist and New York Times best-selling author of The Obesity Code, and a discussion about what steps parents of dependent adult children need to consider as they age. 


The concept of intermittent fasting is everywhere, but is it sensible? Sage60 talks to the founder of this kind of fasting about how and why it works.

There are a number of resources and strategies for aging parents who have children with disabilities whose futures they want to ensure are safe and positive.

Claude Edwards was elected to the job of president three times and leaves a lasting legacy for retirees through his significant on-the-job victories.

Seniors are increasingly turning to spirituality, either through mindfulness or religion, to give meaning to their lives.

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